Image deconvolution#

Image deconvolution is also just a special form of image filtering. We dedicate a whole chapter to it because deconvolutions play an important role in fluorescence microscopy.

We will demonstrate the principles in two dimensional images. It shall be highlighted though that deconvolution should be done in three dimensions if possible because the physical principles behind are not the same in all directions, the point spread function is typically not symmetrical in fluorescence microscopy.

Installing requirements#

We will use RedLionFish and SimpleITK for deconvolving images. For the ease-of-use, we will work with the latter via a convenience layer, napari-simpleitk-image-processing. Enter these commands inn the terminal to install everything:

mamba install reikna pyopencl -c conda-forge
pip install redlionfish
pip install napari-simpleitk-image-processing

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